Common solutions in the automotive en bike sector

Flow racks

In the automotive and bicycle industry, flow racks have become indispensable. They optimize storage and access to parts, maximize warehouse space, and streamline order picking. With an organized work environment, these racks contribute to smooth assembly.

With us, the possibilities are endless: choose from various conveying carriers and options such as lane dividers or roller conveyor beds. If needed, we can add a return level to your flow rack. This flexibility increases productivity and accelerates processes, allowing businesses to respond to a changing market.

Discover flow racks

Flow racks

Tugger carts

In the automotive and bicycle industry, smooth transport routes are crucial. They ensure efficient logistics and timely delivery of auto parts and bicycle components, which in turn accelerates production processes.

Optimally organized routes minimize delays, improve throughput, and reduce costs. The carts for tugger trains are tailored to the process of the respective organization for maximum efficiency

Discover tugger carts

Tugger carts


Workbenches are a versatile and widely used solution in the automotive and bicycle industry. They provide a solid foundation for precise assembly and can be customized with various modular features such as shelves, tool walls, and monitor arms.

In this way, they are tailor-made and adapted to specific needs. Thus, workbenches contribute to more efficient processes and high-quality assembly within these industries.

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Excellent predecessors: Our customers as ambassadors

We are proud of our ambassadors. Through our versatile solutions, we play a crucial role in improving and optimizing their processes.

Successful case study

Efficient assembly with multi-functional picking trolleys established a new European factory to produce the same bicycle models as in America. Collaborating with Ergo Design, they optimized the assembly process and designed assembly tables, packing tables, and assembly trolleys.

The assembly trolley is versatile and suitable for picking and assembling various bicycle models, eliminating the need for separate assembly stations and double handling of parts. In total, 60 of these trolleys were delivered, featuring essential components for flexibility. The stainless steel adjustment system is blasted for a matte finish.

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Our approach


Step 1

Step 1 Meeting

We start with a meeting and an inventory of the current situation, the problem, and the wishes. The conversation can take place online, at your location, or in our Experience Center


Step 2

Step 2 Quote

After the meeting, you will receive a completely non-binding quotation. This quote is often compiled based on previously completed projects as references, or you can choose from the standard solutions available in our webshop.


Step 3

Step 3 Order

Once the quotation is approved, the order is initiated, and our engineering team begins working on designing the customized solution you have ordered.


Step 4

Step 4 Design

The design is meticulously drawn in Solidworks, aiming to ensure that the final result meets all your expectations. After the approval of both the 2D and 3D designs, the assembly is scheduled.


Step 5

Step 5 Assembly

Our in-house assembly team in Weert is ready to expertly and efficiently build your solutions. This enables us to ensure high quality and guarantee the flawless delivery of the final project.


Step 6

Step 6 Delivery

Our solutions are typically delivered as fully assembled products, making them ready for use and immediately deployable. This saves valuable time and effort during implementation.


Step 7

Step 7 Evaluation

If necessary, we conduct evaluations and provide on-site periodic maintenance services. Your satisfaction and the optimal performance of our solutions are paramount; we are committed to establishing a long-lasting partnership.

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