Common solutions in the retail en e-commerce sector

E-pick-to-light cart

The E-pick-to-light cart transforms the way order picking takes place in retail and e-commerce. Thanks to the electric drive, collecting products in warehouses is significantly simplified. The carts are ergonomically adjustable and equipped with a pick-to-light system. This enables multi-order picking and pick-to-cart, significantly improving the speed and accuracy of the order picking process.

Discover e-pick-to-light cart

E-pick-to-light cart

Packing stations

In de retail en e-commerce zijn inpaktafels essentieel voor efficiënte orderverwerking. Deze paktafels bieden een georganiseerde en gestroomlijnde omgeving voor het verpakken van producten en kunnen worden uitgebreid met vele modulaire functionaliteiten zoals: vakverdelers voor dozen, tapedispensor houder en een snijsysteem.

Hierdoor kunnen werknemers de benodigde items snel binnen handbereik hebben, waardoor de snelheid en nauwkeurigheid van het verpakkingsproces toeneemt.

Discover packing stations

Packing stations

Picking trolleys

An picking trolley plays a crucial role in the world of retail and e-commerce.

These carts streamline the order picking process with their adaptable design and convenient extensions such as ergonomic push handles, a step, and a fifth wheel for ultimate maneuverability.

Discover picking trolleys

Picking trolleys

Excellent predecessor: Our customers as ambassadors

We are proud of our ambassadors. Through our versatile solutions, we play a crucial role in improving and optimizing their processes.

Successful case studies

Quantore transfors
order processing with 
heavy duty shelf carts

Quantore has successfully optimized the automation of their warehouse, allowing them to efficiently handle items with low turnover and awkward shapes.

Shelf carts with four shelves and picking locations are designed to streamline order processing and are pulled by a Movexx electric tug. This enables Quantore to use 12 picking positions for their orders.

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Gall & Gall starts with direct picking in shipping boxes

Gall & Gall's old order picking process involved gathering orders in crates and then transferring them to shipping boxes at the packing table, leading to double handling and error chances.

To improve the process, we ensured that employees can pick directly into the shipping boxes by equipping our picking trolley with shelves placed at an inclined angle. This eliminates the double handling of products.

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Our approach


Step 1

Step 1 Meeting

We start with a meeting and an inventory of the current situation, the problem, and the wishes. The conversation can take place online, at your location, or in our Experience Center


Step 2

Step 2 Quote

After the meeting, you will receive a completely non-binding quotation. This quote is often compiled based on previously completed projects as references, or you can choose from the standard solutions available in our webshop.


Step 3

Step 3 Order

Once the quotation is approved, the order is initiated, and our engineering team begins working on designing the customized solution you have ordered.


Step 4

Step 4 Design

The design is meticulously drawn in Solidworks, aiming to ensure that the final result meets all your expectations. After the approval of both the 2D and 3D designs, the assembly is scheduled.


Step 5

Step 5 Assembly

Our in-house assembly team in Weert is ready to expertly and efficiently build your solutions. This enables us to ensure high quality and guarantee the flawless delivery of the final project.


Step 6

Step 6 Delivery

Our solutions are typically delivered as fully assembled products, making them ready for use and immediately deployable. This saves valuable time and effort during implementation.


Step 7

Step 7 Evaluation

If necessary, we conduct evaluations and provide on-site periodic maintenance services. Your satisfaction and the optimal performance of our solutions are paramount; we are committed to establishing a long-lasting partnership.

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