Any size

Our assembly lines are available in any desired size and configration.


With a wide range of modular accessories, you can configure your workbenches exactly to your liking.

Workbenches as a line

Thanks to our system, the workbenches can be easily assembled as an assembly line and cell.

Types of assembly lines
and cells

Straight line

An assembly line configured as a straight line is a structured and efficient arrangement of workstations where products are assembled in a linear sequence. This ensures an organized and consistent production flow, with each step being executed precisely.

A straight assembly line offers benefits such as standardized processes, easy monitoring, and scalability, enhancing the efficiency and quality of the production process.

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Assembly line


A U-cell assembly line is a flexible and optimized setup in which various workstations are arranged in a U-shaped configuration. This arrangement provides operators with an efficient work environment, allowing them to focus on specific tasks while easily collaborating.

A U-cell promotes a streamlined production flow, improved efficiency, and quality. At the same time, a U-cell offers flexibility to quickly adapt to changing production needs. The result is an optimized and versatile cell that enhances productivity.

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A circular assembly line is a unique arrangement where workstations are arranged around a central point, creating a continuous production flow. This configuration ensures an efficient flow of products, with each operator performing a specific task before passing the product to the next workstation.

A circular assembly line offers benefits such as a shorter cycle time and reduced movement and transport distances.

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Assemblage circle

Assembly lines for maximum efficiency and productivity

Advantages assembly line for production process

An assembly line increases efficiency, ensures consistency in the production process, and enhances product quality. It provides opportunities for process optimization and continuous improvement.

Moreover, an assembly line offers scalability and flexibility, making it easily adaptable to changing production needs. In summary, an assembly line leads to lower costs, higher productivity, and a more efficient process.

Optimising material flow of assembly line

In addition to the customizable workstations, we also offer the option to integrate roller conveyors into the assembly process. This results in an atomized process where efficiency is maximized, and walking distances are minimized.

Our transport trolleys and FIFO flow racks further contribute to optimizing material flow, ensuring a smooth and streamlined operation.

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Assembly lines

Optimal assembly configuration for success

The optimal configuration for your assembly line depends on various factors. Considerations include the final product to be assembled, the parts needed for assembly, and the available space in your assembly hall.

The supply of necessary parts can be managed by placing gravity flow racks behind the workstations or equipping the worktable with shelves. Subsequently, the product can be moved to the next workstation using a conveyor.

Depending on various factors and specific requirements, our specialists are happy to work with you to achieve the most suitable solution.

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Custom made workbenches

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