Solutions for internal transport

Multitube understands the challenges of safety, ergonomics, business process change, and efficient goods transport, offering internal transport solutions to help businesses address these issues.

The importance of internal transport

Most used internal transport equipment

In warehouses, shelf trolleys, sheet metal trolleys, and pallet carts are among the most commonly used internal transport vehicles. These versatile carts facilitate the efficient transport and storage of goods. Whether it's moving goods across different levels with shelf trucks, transporting heavy loads with pallet trucks, or conveying various items with sheet metal trucks, these transport vehicles contribute to a smooth and streamlined operation in the warehouse.

The importance of efficient internal transport

Efficient internal transport is important because it ensures faster throughput of products, quicker production times, fewer errors, and lower costs. It not only optimizes internal processes but also enhances the overall productivity of an organization.

Ensuring good internal transport

A warehouse can ensure efficient internal transport by utilizing effective internal transportation tools that are optimized and aligned with internal business processes. Additionally, regular review of the warehouse layout is important to meet changing requirements.

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Sheet material cart

Discover which sectors we help to improve their internal transport

At Multitube, we are dedicated to supporting internal transport across various sectors. We collaborate with clients to understand their needs and challenges, providing customized solutions that enhance operational efficiency.



Workbenches, sheet material trolleys and EPT picking carts



Picking trolleys, E-pick cart and packing tables



Shelf trolleys, workbenches and shelf racks



Flow racks, tugger carts and workbenches



E-pick-to-light cart, packing tables and picking trolleys

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