Any size

Ou tugger carts are available in any desired size and configration.

Powerful connecting arm

The connecting arm facilitates easy connection between multiple carts for secure transport.


By integrating pick-to-light, multi-order picking and pick-to-cart are made possible.

Shelf carts

Shelf carts are tugger trains equipped with multiple levels of shelves, ideal for transporting items that need to be organized at different levels, such as boxes, bins, or parts.

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Shelf carts

Pallet carts

Pallet carts are tugger trains specifically designed for transporting pallets. The loading surface is adapted to the dimensions of a block or Euro pallet. They provide an ergonomic and efficient solution for moving heavy loads on pallets in logistics environments.

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Pallet carts


Platform carts are tugger trains realized with a flat loading surface. This makes them a versatile solution for transporting various materials. Large and unwieldy items such as large boxes and bulk goods can be easily transported thanks to the spacious loading surface that provides ample space.

More about platform carts

Platform carts

Tugger carts as a solution for material handling

What is a tugger cart?

A tugger cart, also known as a tugger train or logistics train, is a transportation vehicle used in manufacturing environments. It is designed to move goods over long distances and between various workstations in an easy and efficient manner.

The stable carts are equipped with a powerful connecting arm, allowing them to be connected to a pulling vehicle or to multiple carts. The pulling vehicle provides the driving force to move the carts and transport the goods.

Use of tugger carts in production environment

Modern logistics environments require flexible material flow solutions, and tugger carts are the ideal solution for this purpose. They can efficiently supply production materials to the assembly line, leading to a significant demand for carts in production environments. This, in turn, enables Just-In-Time (JIT) and Just-In-Sequence (JIS) processes.

By utilizing tugger carts, materials and components can be delivered at the right time and in the right quantity, precisely when they are needed, all without excessive inventory.

Considerations when buying a tugger cart

There are various aspects to consider when purchasing a tugger cart. It's essential that the logistics carts are precisely tailored to your specific needs and material flow. Adjust the desired size of the carts or load carrier, the number of shelves, or the implementation of specific features according to your preferences.

Our tugger carts are flexible and adaptable, making them versatile for internal transport in various industries. They assist in optimizing logistics processes and enhancing the efficiency of your production environment.

Benefits of tugger carts in logistics environment
  1. Efficient Goods Flow - Tugger carts enable efficient internal transport by moving multiple carts in a sequence. Instead of making multiple trips, employees using a tugger carts can transport larger quantities at once. This reduces the number of movements and shortens the process duration, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
  2. Flexibility and Adaptability - Tugger carts are versatile and can be customized to the specific needs of a logistics environment. They can be designed in various configurations and equipped with different accessories to move a wide variety of goods.
  3. Ergonomics - Production halls often involve handling heavy loads. Tugger carts are designed to reduce the physical strain on workers. For instance, they decrease manual lifting of heavy goods and pushing heavy order picking carts. Instead, employees can place the goods on a cart and move it with a pulling vehicle.

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