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Effective inventory management, order prioritization, and warehouse optimization are challenges for organizations. Our tailor-made order picking solutions contribute to improving these processes.


Orderpicking with logistics 4.0

Most used order picking solutions

There are various order picking solutions that are widely used in the logistics sector. Manual order picking, for example, involves order pickers walking through the warehouse and selecting items based on the order requirements. These activities can be supported by the use of order picking carts. If your employees regularly need to gather heavy products, you can also opt for an electric order picking cart.

An electric order picking trolley is powered by an accupack and a driven wheel, significantly reducing the physical strain and fatigue of order pickers. This is because they don't have to exert maximum force to push the cart forward. Pick-to-light systems are also increasingly being used. This system uses light indicators above each location to assist order pickers in gathering orders. The light indicates which items need to be collected and in what quantity.

Contribution of a good order picking cart to the process

A good order picking cart contributes to the order picking process in various ways. It provides efficiency, ergonomics, and flexibility.

An order picking cart is specifically designed to support pickers in their tasks and to store the collected orders in a convenient and structured manner. Given that the duties of a picker often involve prolonged walking and lifting of items, a good order picking cart is ergonomically designed, featuring comfortable handles and smoothly rolling wheels to reduce physical strain. Furthermore, a quality order picking cart can be customized to meet the specific needs of the order picking process.

This means that the cart can be equipped with adjustable shelves and a wide range of modular accessories that can be easily added. This adaptability allows the cart to be tailored to different types of items, dimensions, and weights, facilitating an organized and efficient order arrangement.

Technologies that improve the order picking process

Pick-to-light and put-to-light are techniques that use visual indicators to enhance the picking process. Pick-to-light involves equipping order picking locations with illuminated indicators. These indicators specify which items need to be picked and the quantity to be picked.

Put-to-light is similar to pick-to-light, but instead of gathering items, it focuses on moving items to specific locations. The use of these technologies can enhance the accuracy, productivity, and efficiency of the order picking process.

Benefits of an efficient order picking process

An efficient order picking process results in improved customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, cost savings, and employee satisfaction. Customers receive their orders on time and with the correct products, leading to higher customer satisfaction. It also ensures that orders are processed quickly and without delay, reducing the lead time of the order picking process and optimizing overall warehouse efficiency.

Additionally, it can lead to cost savings in various areas. By increasing productivity and reducing errors, labor costs are lowered. Finally, it can contribute to higher employee satisfaction. A streamlined process with clear instructions and well-designed order picking carts makes the work easier and less stressful for order pickers.

Factors influencing the order picking process

There are several factors that can influence the efficiency of the order picking process. One of these factors is a well-organized warehouse layout. Optimizing the location of products, the arrangement of aisles, and minimizing walking distances can increase productivity and reduce the time required for order picking.

Additionally, the use of suitable order picking carts, tools for order identification, and other supporting equipment plays a crucial role in improving the efficiency of the order picking process.

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