Any size

Our E-pick carts are available in any desired size and configration.

Powered wheel

The powered wheel enables maneuvering with heavy loads for everyone.

Battery pack

Thanks to our 24V lithium-ion battery cells, a long lifespan is guaranteed for multiple shifts.


Moveable with one finger, thanks to the combination of the powered wheel and pressure-sensitive handle.

Powerful, efficient and sustainable

Our standard battery capacities of 32, 63, and 104 Ah ensure an ideal match with your process. With the right battery pack, all electrically operated devices on the order picking cart can function. This includes powered wheels, monitors, label printers, and pick-to-light systems.

Thanks to our powerful 24V lithium-ion battery cells, we guarantee a long lifespan, allowing for multiple shifts to be completed without the need for interim charging cycles.

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Battery pack

Superior powered wheels

By integrating an electrically powered wheel on the order picking cart, it becomes possible to move products in an ergonomic and comfortable manner. This makes maneuvering with heavy loads accessible to everyone.

The wheel system consists of:

  • Powered wheel
  • Battery pack
  • Intelligent handle with pressure-sensitive sensors
  • Software

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Powered wheel

Powered wheel types for order picking carts

With three different wheel types, we have an optimal solution for every process.

Fixed wheel

  • Only for manual use
  • Only forward and backward.
Fixed wheel

Up-down wheel

  • For manual use and with a tugger
  • Suitable in combination with connecting arms
  • When retracted, suitable for lateral movement
up-down wheel

360 wheel

  • Only for manual use
  • Ideal for navigating narrow aisles
  • Suitable for lateral movement with heavy loads
360 wheel

Increase productivity and ergonomics with the E-pick cart

Advantages of the E-pick cart

The E-pick cart offers several advantages for your order picking process:

  • Efficiency: The E-pick cart allows for faster and easier picking and movement of goods, making the order picking process more efficient.
  • Ergonomics: The E-pick cart reduces the physical strain and fatigue on employees, as heavy loads are electrically powered, creating an ergonomic working environment.
  • Capacity: The E-pick cart is built with our heavy-duty system, providing a higher load capacity compared to order picking carts constructed with our Tube & Joint system. This makes them suitable for moving heavier goods.
  • Flexibility: The E-pick cart can be customized with various accessories and options, making it suitable for different industries and applications.
  • Suitable for Long Distances: The E-pick cart is perfect for covering long distances in a warehouse environment. The electric drive reduces fatigue among employees.
Battery life

Thanks to the powerful 24V Lithium-ion battery cells, you are assured of a long lifespan and the ability to run multiple shifts without the need for intermediate charging. This increases the efficiency of your operations and ensures continuous and uninterrupted use of the E-pick cart throughout the day.

Customisation options E-pick cart

Thanks to the combination of our two modular systems, we can easily deliver a custom E-pick cart. You have the freedom to determine the dimensions yourself and can choose from various options, such as the type of driven wheel, the number of levels, and other features. This way, we create an E-pick cart that fully meets your specific needs and ensures an efficient and organized order picking process.

This ensures that your E-pick cart is fully tailored to your individual requirements, allowing you to benefit optimally from an efficient and organized picking process.


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Electric picking cart

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