Any size

Our E-pick-to-light carts are available in any desired size and configration.

Powered wheel

The powered wheel enables maneuvering with heavy loads for everyone.

Battery pack

Thanks to our 24V lithium-ion battery cells, a long lifespan is guaranteed for multiple shifts.


By integrating pick-to-light, multi-order picking and pick-to-cart are made possible.

Collecting multiple orders simultaneously with multi-orderpicking

Multi-order picking and pick-to-cart are two efficient methods used in warehouses to optimize the order picking process.

With multi-order picking, multiple orders are collected simultaneously, resulting in time savings and shorter lead times. This is made possible by combining multiple orders on one route, allowing order pickers to work more efficiently and cover less walking distance.

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Direct increase in productivity with pick-to-cart

Pick-to-cart is an efficiency method of order picking where the pick-to-light system is integrated into an order picking cart. This allows order pickers to easily and accurately collect products and place them directly into the cart. Pick-to-cart reduces walking distances, enhances productivity, and minimizes errors.

It is an optimized solution for streamlining the order picking process and increasing efficiency.

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Powered wheel types for the order picking carts

With three different wheel types, we have an optimal solution for every process.

Fixed wheel

  • Only for manual use
  • Only forward and backward.
Fixed wheel

Up-down wheel

  • For manual use and with a tugger
  • Suitable in combination with connecting arms
  • When retracted, suitable for lateral movement
Up-down wheel

360 wheel

  • Only for manual use
  • Ideal for navigating narrow aisles
  • Suitable for lateral movement with heavy loads
360 wheel

Maximum efficiency with the e-pick-to-light cart

Advantages of the E-pick-to-light cart

The E-pick-to-light cart offers several advantages for your order picking process:

  • Efficiency - The E-pick-to-light cart allows order pickers to collect multiple orders simultaneously, optimizing the order picking process and increasing efficiency.
  • Error Reduction - The use of visual indicators on the E-pick-to-light cart reduces the likelihood of errors, as order pickers receive clear instructions on the correct pick locations and the quantity of items to be collected.
  • Ergonomics - The pick-to-light cart is designed with ergonomics in mind, and combined with the powered wheel, it makes lifting and moving items less strenuous for the order picker.
  • Shortening Walking Distances - The E-pick-to-light cart ensures that order pickers can work in a structured manner, covering fewer unnecessary walking distances, thereby reducing walking distances and increasing productivity.
  • Flexibility - The E-pick-to-light cart can be adapted to the specific needs of the warehouse, such as adding extra accessories or adjusting the layout of the cart.
Capacity of the battery pack

Thanks to the powerful 24V lithium-ion battery cells, you are assured of a long lifespan and the ability to operate multiple shifts without the need for intermediate charging. 

This increases the efficiency of your operations and ensures continuous and uninterrupted use of the E-pick cart throughout the day.

Customisation possibilities E-pick-to-light cart

By combining our two modular systems, we can easily provide a customized E-pick-to-light. You have the freedom to determine the dimensions yourself and can choose from various options, such as the type of powered wheel, the number of levels, and other features.

In this way, we create an E-pick-to-light cart that fully meets your specific needs, ensuring an efficient and organized order picking process. This ensures that your E-pick-to-light cart is perfectly tailored to your individual requirements, allowing you to benefit optimally from an efficient and organized picking process.

How multi-order picking optimises your order picking process

Multi-order picking can significantly improve warehouse efficiency and productivity by simultaneously picking various orders. By combining multiple orders and processing them in a single picking round, the time required for walking and searching in the warehouse is minimized.

This results in shorter lead times, increased picking accuracy, and fewer movements, leading to a more efficient and productive order picking process. Moreover, tools like pick-to-light systems can further enhance accuracy by providing visual indicators guiding the order picker to the correct locations and items.

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