Can be built from two systems

The picking trolleys from Multitube can be created using both our Tube & Joint system and Heavy Duty system. Each system has its own unique advantages and applications.

Tube & Joint

Picking trolleys built with our Tube & Joint system have a foundation of stainless steel tubes and joints, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Easily adaptable
  • Manually movable
Picking trolley

Heavy Duty

Picking carts built with our Heavy Duty system have a foundation of robust steel tubes, resulting in the following benefits:

  • High load capacity and super robust
  • Suitable for towing vehicles
  • Suitable for electric vehicles
Picking cart


Our picking trolleys are available in any desired size.


Customize your picking trolley to your preferences for a perfect fit with your process.


Equipped with ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip.


Fitted with high-quality castors for effortless movement, even with heavy loads.

Successful case study

Eliminating double handling with efficient order picking carts

For Gall & Gall, the authority in the field of beverages, the existing order picking process involved first collecting orders in crates and then transferring them to shipping boxes at the packing table.

Therefore, an improvement in the order picking process was necessary so that employees could place items directly into the shipping box, avoiding double handling of the same product. This optimized efficiency and productivity in the process.

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Order picking

Standard picking trolleys in our webshop

If you're not looking for a customized picking trolley, check out our extensive range of trolleys in our webshop.

Picking excellence with tailored picking trolleys

The use of a picking trolley

An order picker is in constant motion throughout the day, selecting all the items for an order and preparing them for shipment. It is crucial that this process runs as efficiently as possible. When the order picker frequently has to move various or heavy items, an order picking cart is indispensable. With an order picking cart, the order picker can load all the necessary items, reducing the need for constant back and forth walking. This saves time and enhances efficiency.

Various types of picking trolleys

An picking trolley can be used for various purposes. The type of picking trolley that is most convenient depends on the purposes for which you will use it.

A small order picking cart is ideal for gathering and moving semi-finished goods and piece goods in your warehouse. Alternatively, you can also leave it in one place for buffering. In this case, a larger cart is often more practical.

Choice of Tube & Joint or Heavy Duty order picking trolley

If you're looking for a flexible picking trolley for your logistics process with a maximum load capacity of 1200 kg, an picking trolley built with our Tube & Joint system often meets your needs. These trolleys are designed with stainless steel tubes and galvanized steel connectors, making them easy to maneuver.

If you need to transport heavy goods through your production hall, we recommend choosing picking carts constructed with our heavy-duty system. These carts can be self-propelled by a towing vehicle and can be equipped with fork pockets for an EPT or forklift. Additionally, it's possible to add features like pick-to-light, powered wheels, and an integrated battery pack to the order picking cart, making the order picking process even more efficient and ergonomic.

Standard and customised picking trolleys

Our standard modular picking trolleys are fully customizable to meet your needs, thanks to the available accessories for efficient order picking. Consider additional shelves and hanging rails for bins, allowing you to make optimal use of the available space. Moreover, the trolley can be equipped with tool walls for your tools or a step so that you can easily pick orders at height. You can order our standard order picking carts directly from our webshop. If you need assistance in adding the desired accessories, feel free to contact us.

Every warehouse has unique needs, which is why we also offer custom order picking carts. We can design the order picking carts according to your desired dimensions and with the necessary equipment. Curious about the customization options or would you like to gain more inspiration? Come visit us for a demo at our location!

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