The right solutions for packaging

The challenges in packaging products, such as creating an ergonomic workspace, maintaining efficiency, and adapting packing stations to diverse packaging needs, can be addressed with our modular solutions.

The importance of packaging solutions

Improving the efficiency of the packaging process

To improve the efficiency of the packaging process, it is advisable to scrutinize the workflow and explore opportunities for streamlining. An important step in this regard is to identify and eliminate unnecessary steps.

By critically examining the packaging process, you can determine which steps are essential and which are redundant. The goal is to optimize the flow of materials and products, thereby making the process more efficient.

The essence of a good packing stations

A good packing stations contributes to the efficiency of the packaging process. It provides an organized packing space where packaging materials and tools are within reach. Additionally, sufficient storage space and holders for packaging materials, tools, and accessories are important to maintain an organized work environment.

Ergonomics is also a crucial aspect of a good packing table. It promotes a comfortable working posture and reduces physical strain on employees. This helps reduce fatigue and prevent work-related complaints.

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Discover which sectors we help to improve their packaging processes

At Multitube, we have in-depth knowledge of the packaging industry and utilize our modular Tube & Joint system to create customized solutions that perfectly align with the needs of your sector.



Workbenches, sheet material trolleys and EPT picking carts



Picking trolleys, E-pick cart and packing tables



Shelf trolleys, workbenches and shelf racks



Flow racks, tugger carts and workbenches



E-pick-to-light cart, packing tables and picking trolleys

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