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Flexible conveyor system that can be customized to specific needs.

Product carriers

Choose the type of product carrier that suits your process. We have the perfect product carrier for every box.

Types of conveyors
for efficient transport

Gravity conveyors

It's free, requires no additional energy, and is available in infinite quantities: gravity. By cleverly harnessing this natural force, the gravity conveyor is extremely effective. The roller conveyor is constructed at a certain angle so that products automatically roll downward.

There are two variants of the gravity conveyor: one with carrying rollers and one with roller tracks. The choice between these variants depends on factors such as belt width, load, and the roller conveyor's axle distance.

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Gravity conveyor

Powered conveyors

The powered conveyor is known for its intelligent sensors that characterize the system. This internal transport system divides the roller conveyor into different sections. Thanks to the sensors, the system can precisely determine the location of each product. Using a pedal, the powered roller conveyor can receive the signal to send products to the next section.

Both the structure and speed of the powered roller conveyor can be tailored to the specific process. This results in a smaller margin of error and greater efficiency.

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Powered conveyor

Standard conveyors in our webshop

If you're not looking for a customized conveyor, check out our extensive range of conveyors in our webshop.

Conveyors for a smooth packaging process

What is a conveyor

A conveyor is a transport system consisting of interconnected rollers over which goods or materials can move. It is a widely used means of internal transport in various industries, warehouses, and distribution centers.

The conveyor utilizes gravity or a drive system to move the goods. It provides an efficient way to transport and sort products within a manufacturing or logistical process.

The advantages of Multitube conveyors

A high-quality roller conveyor saves time, money, and energy. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly explore the possibilities in advance. The use of Multitube roller conveyors comes with various benefits:

  • Efficient solution for internal transport of multiple boxes and crates
  • Flexible and modular system that can be adapted to the business operations
  • Ergonomic work, reducing physical labor
Difference between gravity conveyor and powered roller conveyor

A gravity conveyor uses gravity to move goods/boxes without an active motor, while a powered conveyor has a motor that drives the rollers to enable controlled movement.

The right type of roller conveyor depends on the specific requirements and applications in a given situation.

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