The right solutions for product storage

Well-designed storage systems play a significant role in warehouses and contribute significantly to achieving more efficient warehouse management and improved inventory control. Our diverse tailor-made storage solutions can support you in this endeavor.

The key to efficient warehouse managament

Advantages of storage systems

The use of storage systems offers various advantages. Storage systems ensure efficient utilization of the available space, allowing more goods to be stored in a smaller area. 

Additionally, these systems contribute to categorizing products, making it easier to track inventory and replenish when necessary. 

Finally, they aid in streamlined storage and access to products. Employees can easily locate and retrieve items, leading to a more efficient order-picking process.

Efficient inventory management with storage systems

An important step in efficient inventory management is implementing the FIFO (first-in, first-out) principle. This means placing new inventory behind the used inventory to ensure that products do not become obsolete and to prevent waste.

Because our storage systems come equipped with roller rails, FIFO is guaranteed.

Promoting sustainability with modular storage systems

To promote sustainability, you can opt for modular storage systems. Our modular storage systems are designed with reusability in mind, allowing components to be easily assembled and disassembled for use elsewhere. This reduces waste and extends the lifespan of the system.

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Discover which sectors we help to improve their storage

Multitube assists organizations in various sectors with storage optimization. Our close collaboration and tailor-made solutions ensure enhanced storage for our clients.



Workbenches, sheet material trolleys and EPT picking carts



Picking trolleys, E-pick cart and packing tables



Shelf trolleys, workbenches and shelf racks



Flow racks, tugger carts and workbenches



E-pick-to-light cart, packing tables and picking trolleys

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