Any size

Our shelf racks are available in any desired size and configration.

Space optimization

Shelf racks assist in organizing stored items for quicker identification.

Order and overview

Shelf racks organize stored items for faster identification.

Mobile shelf rack

A mobile shelf rack offers the significant advantage of flexibility. You are not confined to one location but can easily move the products and shelf rack. A mobile shelf rack can be equipped with a handle and castors.

The keyholes allow you to easily set the shelves at the desired angle. The shelf racks are very lightweight, and the sheet material may vibrate during movement. To prevent this, we can apply foam padding underneath the shelf.

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Mobile shelf rack

Fixed shelf rack

A fixed shelf rack is set up once and remains in place. This type of shelf rack is supported by leveling feet, ensuring stability. Optionally, shelf rack components can be added as needed. For instance, shelves can be equipped with scanner profiles for label and barcode usage.

To achieve an optimal distribution of products and boxes on each shelf, we offer the option to choose compartment dividers or separation brackets. This way, you can efficiently utilize available space and ensure organized storage of your goods.

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Shelf rack

Standard shelf racks in our webshop

If you're not looking for a customized shelf rack, check out our extensive range of kanban racks in our webshop.

Shelf racks for the efficient storage of products

What is a shelf rack?

A shelf rack is a type of storage system primarily composed of stainless steel tubes, metal connectors, and galvanized steel shelves. They provide a practical and organized solution for storing small products, boxes, and bins.

They are versatile and commonly used in various locations such as warehouses and production halls. Shelf racks offer flexibility, visibility, and easy access to stored goods. At Multitube, shelf racks are part of our standard range of warehouse racks.

Advantages shelf racks Multitube

At Multitube, we provide high-quality shelf racks that meet your wishes and needs. Our shelf racks are available with adjustable feet or castors, and the shelves can be positioned flat or at an angle, with continuous height adjustment.

No matter which type of shelf rack you choose, you always benefit from the following advantages:

  • Easy to use
  • Long lifespan
  • Easy and quick to assemble and disassemble
  • Suitable for any type of warehouse and production hall
  • Wide range of options and customization
Customised shelf racks

We offer customization options for shelf racks, allowing you to tailor the shelves to specific needs and space requirements. For instance, you can adjust the dimensions to perfectly fit your warehouse or storage space.

We provide various shelf options, including flat and angled shelves, as well as accessories like dividers and drawers for a customized and organized storage solution that meets your specific requirements.

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Shelf racks

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