Advantages of the Heavy Duty system

The foundations of the Heavy Duty system are modular and robust, allowing for continuous optimization and improvement.

Common solutions with the Heavy Duty system

Forklift order picking carts

Forklift order picking carts built with the Heavy Duty system are the ultimate choice for efficient and robust warehouse management. With the addition of fork pockets mounted under the picking cart, heavy loads can be effortlessly moved over long distances using Electric Pallet Trucks (EPTs). This provides a seamless and powerful solution for efficiently picking materials and goods throughout the warehouse.

Discover forklift order picking carts

Forklift order picking carts

Tugger carts

Order picking carts built with the Heavy Duty system and equipped with a powerful connecting arm are ideal as a tugger train solution for your warehouse. Using the robust connecting arm, multiple carts can be safely transported in a train formation, pulled by a towing vehicle. This enables you to efficiently and streamlinedly transport materials and goods through the warehouse, optimizing your logistic processes.

Discover tugger carts

Tugger carts

Platform carts

Heavy Duty platform carts are robust and reliable tools designed to effortlessly carry and transport heavy loads. They are ideal for use in warehouses, factories, and other industrial environments where strength and stability are essential. Thanks to the Heavy Duty design, these platform carts can handle large loads and withstand intensive use. Additionally, these types of carts can be equipped with additional features, such as connecting arms and fork pockets, making them adaptable to various transportation needs.

Discover platform carts

Platform carts

Maximize efficiency with basic and additional components

The foundation of the Heavy Duty system consists of steel tubes and mounting plates. The modular design allows the integration of components such as connecting arms and fork pockets, enabling you to customize the functionality to meet your specific needs.

Tubes and mounting plates

The foundation consists of sturdy square steel tubes measuring 80x80mm. These tubes are interconnected using 4mm thick mounting plates.


Connecting arms

Transport carts can be equipped with a connecting arm for pulling multiple carts. To ensure a secure connection, the connecting arm is equipped with damping and magnetic holders.

Connecting arm


For safe transport with an Electric Pallet Truck (EPT), fork pockets are mounted under the picking cart when moving many heavy products over a long distance.


Powerful synergy with hybrid solutions

The combination of the flexible Tube & Joint system with the robust Heavy Duty system results in a unique solution that effortlessly handles heavy loads while remaining highly flexible. The strong chassis, consisting of sturdy steel tubes, forms a solid foundation, while the adaptable top frame, made of stainless steel tubes and connectors, ensures ultimate flexibility. This allows logistics solutions to be easily tailored to your specific material handling needs.

This synergy provides an efficient and practical way to address the challenges of heavy transport, while simultaneously adapting to the changing requirements or materials of your logistics processes.

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