Advantages of the Tube & Joint system

The Tube & Joint system from Multitube is flexible to use, allowing you to continuously optimize and improve.

Common solutions with the Tube & Joint system


Our workbenches are manufactured using the versatile Tube & Joint system, allowing them to be assembled from a wide range of modular components. Thanks to this modular principle, the worktables can always be expanded and customized to your specific needs.

With the Tube & Joint system, you have the freedom to fully customize the workbenches with numerous accessories, such as tool panels, lighting, wheels, and monitor arms. This creates a complete and tailor-made solution that perfectly fits all your requirements and desires. The possibilities are endless, ensuring you always have a worktable that precisely matches your work environment.

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Picking trolleys

Picking trolleys built with the Tube & Joint system offer unlimited possibilities. With this flexible system, you can easily choose the desired dimensions, the number of shelf levels, and even their slope, ensuring the cart always perfectly meets your needs. Moreover, you can add or remove accessories at any time, making your order picking cart adaptable to changing conditions.

With the Tube & Joint system, no idea is too big or too small; the system allows you to build and configure your cart according to your preferences

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Picking trolleys

Flow racks

Our flow racks are also manufactured using the versatile Tube & Joint system. These flow racks are constructed from stainless steel tubes and galvanized steel connectors, offering the choice between castors or leveling feet. Additionally, we provide an extensive range of roller tracks, allowing the bins to effortlessly and efficiently roll to the desired point due to gravity.

The modular design of our gravity flow racks allows us to customize them for various product dimensions and weights. With this flexible system and our wide range of roller tracks, we can deliver a perfectly tailored gravity flow rack for every bin, box, or product. This ensures an organized and smooth logistics operation, allowing you to work efficiently and save space.

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Flow racks

The basic components of the Tube & Joint system

The core of the Tube & Joint system consists of stainless steel tubes, joints, and an extensive range of components. These elements form the backbone of the system, providing flexibility and adaptability.

The tube

The stainless steel tube is suitable for assembling solutions and can also be reused. This tube gives your solution a high-quality appearance and is oil-resistant.

Stainless steel tubes

The joint

Joints connect tubes through clamping force. Thanks to our extensive range, tubes can be connected in any desired way: straight, at right angles, in parallel— everything is possible.


Wide range of accessoires

We also offer compatible accessories that connect to the tubes. These include roller tracks and gravity rollers, castors and leveling feet, and much more.


Versatile lean assembly system

Lean manufacturing aims to minimize waste in production processes and create maximum value for the customer. The goal for businesses is to work more efficiently, reduce costs, and improve quality by streamlining processes and eliminating unnecessary activities.

Our modular Tube & Joint system seamlessly aligns with these principles. The Tube & Joint system provides flexibility in production processes, allowing workstations and production lines to be adjusted at any time. Additionally, it helps reduce waste by designing workstations and storage systems for easy accessibility, minimizing unnecessary movements.

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