Any size

Our workbenches are available in any desired size and configration.


With a wide range of modular accessories, you can configure your workbenches exactly to your liking.


The workbenches are ergonomically adjustable, providing comfort for users.

Workbenches for an ergonomic
and productive work environment


Modular Our modular workbenches are versatile and specially designed to be adaptable and flexible. They are constructed with our modular tube & joint system, utilizing configurable accessories and components. These can be easily adjusted, added, or moved according to needs.

As a result, our workbenches offer an unparalleled level of adaptability and functionality, making them suitable for various applications and work environments. With our workbenches, users can optimize their workspace and adjust to changing requirements, enabling them to work more productively and effectively.

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Ergonomic workbenches are specially designed to promote the health, safety, and productivity of employees. They ensure a comfortable working posture and reduce physical discomfort.

With accessories such as tool boards, shelves, and monitor arms that facilitate work and increase efficiency, ergonomic workbenches contribute to a healthy and comfortable working environment. Discover more about height adjustable workbenches for ergonomic work positions.

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Using our modular tube & joint system, we can design and produce customized workbenches in a simple and flexible manner. By combining stainless steel tubes, metal connectors, and a wide range of accessories and components, the workbenches can be completely tailored and adapted to specific preferences and needs.

This system provides flexibility in dimensions and configurations, allowing the workbench to be efficiently and functionally organized.

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Custom made workbenches

Standard workbenches in our webshop

If you're not looking for a customized workbench, check out our extensive range of workbenches in our webshop.

Modular workbenches for unparalleled flexibility

Choose Multitube work benches

When (re)designing your workspace, increasing productivity and improving ergonomics are crucial. Our workbenches are carefully designed to meet both concepts, making them the ideal foundation to optimize your organization's workflow.

  • Quality - At Multitube, we only use high-quality materials that meet your logistical and ergonomic requirements.
  • Service - We provide expert advice, create a fully customized 3D design, and ensure prompt delivery.
  • Customization - We understand that your needs are unique. Therefore, we offer tailor-made assembly tables that perfectly align with your specific wants and requirements.
Wide range of accessories for your ideal workbench

Our workbenches can be fully customized to your preferences with a wide range of configurations and accessories. These include tool boards, shelves, lighting, monitor arms, and drawers.

This flexibility allows you to expand your workbenches with desired add-ons, tailoring them to your specific work processes and needs. Contact us for more information about the possibilities and available accessories for our workbenches.

Customised workbenches for specific space requirements

At Multitube, it is possible to create custom workbenches tailored to specific space requirements. We understand that each space is unique, and workbenches need to be adapted to the available space and the specific needs of the customer.

Our modular tube & joint system enables us to design and configure flexible workbenches according to the desired dimensions, heights, and layouts. Whether it's a compact workstation or an extensive workbench with additional storage space, we offer custom workbenches that perfectly align with your space requirements, preferences, and needs.

ESD workbenches for ESD-sensitive environments

Multitube's workbenches are suitable for Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)-sensitive environments. We understand the importance of ESD control in certain industries, such as the electronics industry. Therefore, we offer special ESD-safe workbenches designed to prevent electrostatic buildup and discharge.

These workbenches are equipped with ESD-protective materials such as ESD worktops, wheels, and roller rails, making them suitable for ESD-sensitive tasks. This allows companies in ESD-sensitive environments to work safely and efficiently with our workbenches while ensuring the integrity of electronic components.

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