Any size

Our mobile powered workstations are available in any desired size and configration.

Battery pack

Thanks to our 24V lithium-ion battery cells, a long lifespan is guaranteed for multiple shifts.

Work faster

With a battery, you can move your workstation without having to walk back to your fixed workspace.

Successful case study

Work more efficiently and stay mobile

In the inbound and outbound departments, there was a logistics table with A4 printers, label printers, computers, and scanners. Employees constantly walked back and forth between the table and the products, resulting in unnecessary distances and error possibilities.

The solution was a mobile workstation with a built-in battery pack. This cart is specially designed to wirelessly operate all the necessary equipment, such as printers, scanners, and computers. The printers are conveniently placed on a pull-out tray, making cartridge replacement quick and easy. This significantly increased efficiency and reduced errors.

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Mobile powered workstation

Not tied to a fixed workspace

Advantages battery pack

Because we have developed our own battery pack, we have control over its operation, resulting in various benefits:

  • Powerful 24V lithium-ion battery cells: Our lithium-ion battery cells ensure a long lifespan and have a low weight.
  • CE approved: Our battery pack is CE approved.
  • Integrated 230V charger: The cart can be charged anytime and anywhere.
  • Battery capacities of 30AH, 60AH & 100AH: With our different battery capacities, we can always provide a suitable battery pack.
  • Can be equipped with 12V, 24V, and 230V outputs: Outputs are available in various powers, allowing us to meet your needs.
Battery life

Our standard battery capacities of 500, 1500, and 2500Wh are perfectly tailored to your process. With the right battery pack, all electrical devices on the mobile workstation can continue to function.

Thanks to powerful 24V lithium-ion battery cells, a long lifespan is guaranteed for multiple shifts without an interim charging cycle.

Battery box dimensions

We tailor the dimensions of battery box A to the size of the mobile workstation. We also incorporate an additional compartment with brush entry to facilitate cable management and protect plugs and electrical components.

Different sizes of mobile powered workstation

Thanks to our modular tube & joint system, we can easily customize the mobile powered workstation. With numerous accessories, the possibilities are endless, allowing the workstation to be precisely arranged according to your preferences.

This ensures that employees always have the right tools at their fingertips, creating an optimized and comfortable workspace.

Advantages of a mobile powered workstation
  • Work faster and more ergonomically
  • Battery lasts multiple shifts without intermediate charging
  • Suitable for receipt and laser printers
  • Available in any size and configuration
  • Reduces unnecessary walking distances

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Mobile powered workstation

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