Advantages of the Electric system

The Electric system maximizes the efficiency of your process.

Common solutions With the electric system

E-pick cart

The E-pick cart, built with the Electric system, is the best choice for efficient order picking. With the powerful battery pack, multiple shifts can be completed without the need for intermediate charging cycles. The powered wheel allows anyone to pick heavy loads without back strain or excessive effort. It is the ideal solution for product picking.

Discover E-pick cart

E-pick cart

E-pick-to-light cart

With the E-pick-to-light cart built using the Electric system, you optimize your order picking process in a revolutionary way. Thanks to the reliable battery pack, systems like pick-to-light continue to function optimally, enabling you to pick multiple orders simultaneously. This makes multi-order picking and pick-to-cart possible. Experience the benefits of seamless integration of smart technologies and elevate your order picking process to unprecedented efficiency.

Discover E-pick-to-light cart

E-pick-to-light cart


Increase the speed of goods reception with the E-workstation, also built with the Electric system. Thanks to the E-workstation, you can work up to 5 times faster in goods reception. With this advanced workplace, you can process products at any desired location and at any time within your warehouse. With the mobility and flexibility of the E-workstation, you can optimize your logistics processes and improve throughput speed. Make the most of your logistics environment and enhance productivity with this revolutionary workplace solution.

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Battery pack

A powerful battery pack as the ideal match for your process

With our powerful battery pack, all electric devices on the cart can continue functioning, including powered wheels, monitors, and pick-to-light systems. Thanks to the high-quality 24V lithium-ion battery cells, we guarantee a long lifespan, allowing you to effortlessly run multiple shifts without the need for intermediate charging.

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Discover the convenience of an electric powered wheel

Thanks to the electric powered wheel on our picking carts, moving products becomes an ergonomic and comfortable experience. This innovative feature makes maneuvering heavy loads accessible to everyone! Experience it for yourself in our Experience Center and discover how this convenient addition elevates your logistics processes.

The wheel system includes:

vinkje Powered wheel
vinkje Battery pack
vinkje Intelligent handle with pressure-sensitive sensors
vinkje Software

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Powered wheel

Superior powered wheel types

Thanks to the variety of three different powered wheel types, we can provide a customized and optimal solution for a wide range of processes.

Fixed wheel

  • Only for manual use
  • Forward and backward use only
Fixed wheel

Up-down wheel

  • For manual use and with a tugger
  • Suitable in combination with connecting arms
  • When retracted, suitable for lateral movement
Up-down wheel

360 wheel

  • Only for manual use
  • Ideal for maneuvering in narrow aisles
  • Suitable for lateral movement with heavy loads
360 wheel

Order picking in industry 4.0

In the context of Industry 4.0, order picking has undergone a revolutionary transformation. The emergence of advanced technologies has turned order picking into an extremely efficient process. Our carts are equipped with battery packs, powered wheels, and integrated pick-to-light systems, making them perfect examples of how these advanced technologies positively impact order picking.

These innovations not only result in increased efficiency but also significant cost savings and waste reduction. By creating a productive workflow, lead times are shortened, accuracy is improved, and the number of returns is reduced.

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