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Any size

Our flow racks are available in any desired size and configration.


Flow racks reduce walking distances, improve visibility, and ensure that products are within reach.

Space saving

Flow racks save space by making optimal use of the available area.

Fifo ensured

Flow racks follow the FIFO principle, where older products are picked first.

Various types of flow racks

Sloping supply

A flow rack with a straight structure and sloping supply has been developed for maximum storage capacity.

In this variation, there is ample clearance space between levels for the removal of boxes and bins. (Advantages: compact storage and space-saving, high load capacity, highly suitable for the KANBAN methodology)

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Flow rack

Bent supply

This type of flow rack is characterized by a bent dispensing platform. This creates a larger gripping opening, which is ideal for picking loose items from a box or bin. (Advantages: bent dispensing reduces order picking time, compact storage and ergonomic picking, also available with a dispensing platform).

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Flow racks

Overhanging supply

When a flow rack is positioned behind a roller conveyor or workbench, an overhanging supply solution comes in handy. This reduces the reaching distance. This overhanging supply can be implemented either sloping or bent. (Advantages: Improved ergonomics due to reduced reaching distance, ideal in combination with a roller conveyor, highly suitable for the KANBAN methodology).

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Flow rack

step-by-step supply

The supply side of this type of flow rack is built in a stepped manner. This creates more grabbing space, especially when combined with the bent supply. This setup is particularly suitable for the ergonomic picking of large items.

The depth varies per level (Advantages: Maximum grabbing space, suitable for large products and deep bins, available with sloping and bent supply).

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Flow rack

Standard flow racks in our webshop

If you're not looking for a customized flow rack, check out our extensive range of flow racks in our webshop.

Less walking, shorter pick time, and fewer errors with flow racks

The operation of a flow rack

A flow rack efficiently utilizes gravity through the inclined design of roller beds. This allows boxes, crates, and goods to naturally roll towards the lowest point, where a stopper is located, commonly referred to as the order picking side.

The incline of the flow rack varies depending on the product carrier and the type of roller rail. In general, lighter product carriers require a steeper slope. The objective is to ensure that when replenishing, a box smoothly rolls forward into an empty channel, while when removing the first box in a filled channel, the subsequent boxes should roll forward independently.

When to choose a roller bed or segregated channels

The choice between a roller bed and separate channels depends on various factors, such as the nature of the goods, the order picking process, and the desired efficiency. A roller bed is suitable when there is a continuous flow of products and fast throughput is desired.

On the other hand, separate channels offer advantages when a specific layout or organization of goods is needed. This can be useful when there are already different product categories that need to be kept separate. Separate channels can also be beneficial if the FIFO (First In, First Out) principle needs to be maintained.

Multitube is happy to provide guidance in making this choice.

Range of gravity flow options and channel separations.

Multitube offers a wide range of gravity flow options and channel separations, ensuring a suitable solution for your bins.

  • Offset Channel Separation: This plastic profile is the most commonly used variant for channel separation and is suitable for almost all boxes and KLT containers.
  • Adjustable Channel Separation: If you're looking for an adjustable solution for separating product channels, choose this aluminum profile.
  • Straight Profile: This plastic profile features an upright edge close to the roller rail, providing precise guidance for small storage bins.
  • Offset Channel Separation (Conical): When dealing with conical containers, space between the profiles is necessary, and this channel separation provides the solution.
  • Tube Guidance: If the gravity flow rack is used for heavy bins and boxes, tube guidance is recommended.
  • Roller Rail Guidance: This variant offers minimal friction and is suitable for light bins made of foam.

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Flow racks

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