Our platform carts are available in any desired size.

Load capacity

The platform cart has an ultrahigh load capacity of 2500kg.


Tailor your platform cart with add-ons such as connecting arms and a push handle to meet your specific needs.


Equipped with sprong-loaded castors and handles for comfortable transport.

Platform cart for manual use

With the addition of a steel shelf, the platform cart can be used for various purposes. With an impressive load capacity of 2500kg, these platform carts provide a robust solution for transporting heavy loads.

The ergonomic push handle allows the operator to move heavy goods ergonomically. With this thoughtful combination of features, our platform carts can be efficiently and safely deployed in various industrial environments.

Platform carts for manual use are suitable for:

  • Short distances
  • Liftrunners
  • Tugger trains
Pallet cart

Platform carts for tuggers

To maximize the impressive load capacity, you can choose to equip the platform carts with a connecting arm. This makes it easy to move heavy bins, pallets, and loose products placed on the cart using a towing vehicle.

This way, the platform cart provides maximum flexibility and efficiency when transporting goods in various situations.

Platform carts with a coupling arm are suitable for:

  • Long distances
  • Frequent transport movements
  • Tugger trains
Pallet cart

platform carts for various types of goods

Maximum load capacity of platform carts

Our platform carts are equipped with a sturdy construction that can bear heavy weights. The maximum load capacity varies depending on the model and construction, but we offer platform carts with a load capacity of up to an impressive 2500 kg.

This allows even the heaviest loads to be transported effortlessly.

Adjustable platform height

At Multitube, we offer flexible platform carts. This allows you to adjust the height of the platform based on your specific needs.

They are also available in custom dimensions. Contact us for more information on the available options and possibilities.

Availability of brakes

Our platform carts come equipped with a sturdy locking foot for additional safety. The brakes ensure that the platform cart remains securely in place, even on slopes and uneven surfaces.

This provides safety during the loading and unloading of cargo, as the platform carts will not move unintentionally.

Easily manoeuvrable

In designing our platform carts, we prioritize user-friendliness. Therefore, they are equipped with smoothly rolling castors and an ergonomic push handle.

This allows you to maneuver the platform cart effortlessly, even with heavy loads.

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Platform carts

comfortable transport with spring-loaded castors

These castors are almost always used as standard with our Heavy Duty carts. The starting and rolling resistance for moving our transport carts is extremely low. A pressed steel mounting plate with hardened bearing seats is combined with a double ball bearing in the castor. The aluminium rim with moulded polyurethane tyre ensures the most ideal rolling properties. The castor is wear-resistant and moves smoothly across the floor.


The integrated springs absorb the unevenness of floors. This means that the carts will roll quietly through your warehouse. Our transport castors are suitable for a maximum speed of up to 20 km/h.

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