The right solutions for assembly

In the assembly process, ensuring an ergonomic work environment with 5S principles in mind is often a challenge for organizations. At Multitube, we understand this challenge, leading us to develop specific solutions to overcome these obstacles.

The importance of optimized assembly solutions

Ensuring ergonomics during assembly

The health and safety of your employees are important during assembly. This includes designing ergonomic workstations, ensuring adequate and proper workplace lighting, and providing ergonomic workplace mats. These measures contribute to maintaining the health of your employees and preventing complaints.

Applying Lean manufacturing to the assembly process

Lean manufacturing can be applied to the assembly process in various ways to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and increase overall productivity. For example, the 5S method, which stands for Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain, can be implemented to create an organized and structured workplace.

Having an organized workplace allows tools and materials to be easily located, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.

Optimisation of production layout for efficient assembly work

The production layout can be optimized by creating logical material flows, organizing workstations according to the principles of lean manufacturing, ensuring efficient access to necessary tools and parts, and minimizing distances between tasks.

All of this contributes to an efficient assembly process, improving working conditions for employees and increasing productivity.

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Assembly tables

Discover which sectors we help to improve their assembly

At Multitube, our goal is to support assembly in various sectors. By collaborating closely with our clients, we can provide a tailor-made solution that enhances ergonomics and productivity.



Workbenches, sheet material trolleys and EPT picking carts



Picking trolleys, E-pick cart and packing tables



Shelf trolleys, workbenches and shelf racks



Flow racks, tugger carts and workbenches



E-pick-to-light cart, packing tables and picking trolleys

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